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Enjoy an unhurried opportunity to restore vitality and soothe your mind, body and spirit. 

Welcome to Scott Hatch's clean, comfortable in-home studio located at 43rd and Bryant Avenue in the East Harriet Neighborhood of South Minneapolis. It's a healing space -- with spirit-lifiting aromatherapy and relaxing music -- where many regular clients enjoy Scott's ten plus years of expert bodywork experience and caring attitude.

A private infrared sauna and shower are available as optional additions to enhance your bodywork or sound healing sessions. 


The goal is improvement, plain and simple.

If you have pain, the aim of every session is immediate relief. If you are seeking a peak performance, your session will help sooth stress and improve the efficiency of your muscles, joints, and connective tissues. Quantum Massage helps your body  express its strength, speed and agility on competition day, and every day. 

Scott works with you, not on you. Taking into account the current state of your body, and your future plans, each session is tailored to suit your needs. You might want to fall asleep on the massage table, simply enjoying Scott's intuitive sense of the areas that need to the most attention and pressure. You might have a more specific plan for the day. An individual session might be focused on:

  • increasing mobility/range of motion, balancing muscles and creating space in joints.
  • breaking up scar tissue and relieving pain from an injury.
  • helping athletes recover from tough training sessions, early season races, or to prepare for a peak performance. 
  • simply helping you settle into a deep, lasting state of relaxation after a long week of work.


Massage works with the smallest components of the body - it
boosts the circulation of blood, oxygen and the micronutrients that are so critical to cellular health. Massage interacts with the immeasurable healing energy of your body to produce big reductions in stress, and pleasant improvements in overall well-being. 

Triggerpoint and anatomically specific deep tissue work reduce chronic tension.

CrainioSacral employs a light touch -- usually no greater than the weight of a nickel to improve the functioning of the central nervous system to reduce the negative effects of stress, and most importantly, to boost the positive effects of living with a nervous system that has become more relaxed and balanced.

[Quantum Massage Techniques]


You know your body better than anyone else does. Regular massage helps you tune in even more to the signals your body is sending you.  [Positive Body Awareness Exercises]


Massage affects the body, mind, and spirit. 

It produces a shift in momentum of the body's systems toward healing. It soothes stress, preserving youthful suppleness and condition. The relaxation resulting from a massage restores grace of movement and balance. Massage boosts the body's innate ability to seek optimal health. It clears energy chanels, relaxes the mind and allows the body to rejuvenate from within.

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