Quantum Quantum Massage Works - South Minneapolis
Positive Body Awareness

Stand tall
Stand with your heels, hips, and shoulders against a wall.

Gently press the back of your head against the wall.

Now feel your head slide up the wall, as you stand tall and stretch your spine.

Flex your spine
Stand with your heels, hips, and shoulders against a wall.

Roll your hips under, contract your abdmonial muscles and feel your lower back press toward the wall.

Hold this posture for 30 seconds.

Relax your stomach, arch your back and stretch.

Press your lower back again as you did for 30 seconds and hold again. Repeat.

Focus and relax
Let your attention float freely in your body. Let it wander through your arms, legs, neck and shoulders, lower back, hands and feet.

Allow it to rest on any area that feels tight or tired.

Inhale deeply, and imagine your breath flowing to the tension.

Tense the muscles once in this area as you inhale.

Exhale slowly, and relax your body. Let go more and more with each exhalation.

Progressive relaxation
Tense one muscle at a time, starting with your toes. 

Relax in between each contraction. 

Work your way to the top of the body. 

Finally, tense every muscle in your body - clench your fists and jaw, tighten your stomach, and then contrast with total relaxation.

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