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Athlete's Corner

Athletic Massage
Massage helps warm up muscles, increases blood circulation, helps prevent injuries, and relieves pain associated with regular training. Massage improves range of motion, posture and flexibility, which will increase power and improve performance. [more]

Posture / Biomechanics
Regular massage reduces scar tissue and muscle tension, which both compromise posture. Relaxed muscles have better range of motion, and don't pull the skeletal system out of alignment. [more]

Self Massage
Simply compressing a muscle with both hands for 1-2 minutes before or after a workout will flush some blood out, and speed a fresh supply of nutrients to the tissues. Cupping your hands and tapping, or making loose fists and lightly pounding (especially effective on quads) helps loosen the muscles. [more]

RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
Why is R.I.C.E. important to injury prevention and recovery? It helps control inflammation, the most common cause of muscle and joint soreness.  [more]

Positive Body Awareness
You know your body better than anyones else does. The more you can tune in to the suble signs, the better you can balance your own healthy lifestyle. Regular practice can improve your perception. [more]

Stay Motivated
On our way to optimal health and peak performances, what can we do to boost motivation when ice cream sounds more appealing than aerobic exercise? [more]

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