Infrared Sauna at Quantum Massage Works

Be prepared to sweat during your sauna session.
Quantum Massage Works
How to Take a Sauna

Take your time. Relax, and enjoy the experience. Your session will start with a sauna and a shower, and finish with a massage. The muscles soften in the sauna, preparing the body for a much more relaxing and rejuvenating experience than massage alone.

The infrared heat penetrates deep into your tissues, your pores open up and flush toxins through increased perspiration. Your skin is your largest excretory organ, so the sauna is incredibly purifying.

Infrared Sauna at Quantum Massage Works Arrive to your session fully hydrated. Filtered drinking water is provided to replace lost fluids. An electrolyte mix is included to restore vital nutrients and minerals lost during sweating and detoxification.

Your sauna session takes place in a private room. Similar to a sweat lodge, in traditional Finnish saunas, the space itself is regarded as a spiritual place, much like a church.

Be prepared to sweat during your sauna experience. Towels are provided for the sauna and shower.

First Sweat    8-10 min in the sauna
This turns on your body’s cooling mechanism, and prepares the body to release deep toxins.

Step out of the sauna at the first sign of sweat, anywhere on the body. Splash cool water on your face. Cool off in the shower if you like.

Second Sweat   8-10 min in the sauna
Sweat begins to form readily. Circulation is boosted, and muscles soften in the heat.

Rinse in a warm shower, cooling it down as much as is comfortable.
Allow cold water to run over any sore or fatigued muscles.
Alternating hot/cold squeezes and expands the capillaries.

Final Sweat   10+ min in the sauna
The body begins to readily push toxins out through the skin, the largest excretory organ!

Again, rinse in a warm shower, cooling the temperature to your preference. Dry off, make your way to the massage room, and relax on the table.

To maximize the benefits of the hydrotherapy, cool the water off as much as your comfort allows as you finish rinsing off before the massage.  You will quickly be warmed by the heater on the massage table, and will feel comfortable on clean, dry sheets.

The sauna treatment is profoundly relaxing and refreshing. The experience cleanses the mind, rejuvenates the spirit, and leaves you feeling like a new person.

How do infrared saunas work

To schedule a session, send an email, or call/text 612-272-2165.

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